New York (US), New York


Competent user of popular web frameworks and their backing technologies. I'm happy if you look at my source and ask "That's it?". This is a cursory overview of my experience. For more information see my personal site, github, and rubygems accounts.


New York Public Library

January 2015 - Present
Senior Applications Developer

Creating and maintaining applications that help archivists describe digitized archival material and make material available to the public on the web.

  • Helped develop ops standards around provisioning, deployment, structured logging, and containerization.
  • Wrote maintainable and idiomatic Ruby & Javascript applications.
  • Shepherded test coverage from 0 to +30% in 5 months.
  • Limited access to rights-encumbered video by IP address using AWS Cloudfront.
  • Automated video transcoding of archival video into high, web quality video small services, RabbitMQ, and AWS tools.
  • Led migrating from Oracle to PostgresSQL.

Gotham Ruby Conference

April 2008 - June 2014

Co-Organized the premier regional programming conference.

  • Grew conference attedence 300%.
  • Oversaw the conference's transition from focusing on a single language to a conference for developers interested in interesting things.

Movable Ink

January 2014 - December 2014
Senior Engineer

Maintained and built web application and services capable of servicing thousands of requests per second.

  • Used Node.js, Ruby, Golang to strike the best balance between maintainability and performance.
  • Shared DevOps responsibilities with a team of highly skilled developers.

EastMedia Group

January 2010 - December 2013
Senior Developer

Creates and maintained technically and organizationally scalable applications for startups and goliaths.

  • Created and maintained web applications that could be extended quickly.
  • Not carrying a balance of technical debt.
  • Dictating technical infrastructure. Everything from hosting to application server.


July 2007 - September 2009
Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead

Used Ruby and Rails to build applications used to run clinical trials.

  • Evaluated and implemented libraries for use in Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Formal and informal training of developers on Ruby best practices and idioms.
  • Iterating quickly and safely in a highly regulated environment.

Unicast Corporation / Enliven

August 2004 - July 2007
QA Engineer / Developer

Automated QA of web applications and aiding our technology's integration on client's applications

  • Complex breadth testing of struts-based web application and the JavaScript files it generates.
  • Created Ruby driven web automation tests to save 40 man/hours per week.
  • Created reusable performance tests for web applications.
  • Developed Java desktop application to save internal users to 20 hours/ week.


Florida State University

1999 - 2003
MIS / Economics Major with Computer Science minor


Web Development & API Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Varnish
  • Nginx
  • Ruby
  • Node.js
Technical Infrastructure
  • Queuing Systems
  • Kinesis
  • RDS
  • Elastic Transcoder
  • Lambda
  • S3
  • Nginx
  • Passenger
  • Chef
  • HTTP
Data Stores
Great for a developer, but you and I both don't want me to be your DBA.
  • PostgresSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Knowing the right tool for the job


Using Docker as the best & most agnostic packaging system ever.
Squeezing the most out of 512 MB of RAM.